New PRE-STRESSED Concrete Boat Ramp System Virtually 
Eliminates Constant Problems Of Costly Maintenance!

An exciting new design and engineering technique combine to create a new type of boat ramp system. So unique is this system, the Office of Patents and Trademarks in Washington D.C. has granted a copyright and trademark to its developer, Randall Tedder of Ocala, Florida.


The success of the Tedder Boat Ramps System is measured by Indiana municipalities

  • In cost savings of tax payers' dollars
  • In quicker and safer launchings, by the department of Enviromental Protection and the Army Corps of Engineers
  • An enviromentally acceptable and superior structural design accepted by all permitting agencies.
  • Tested & Approved since 1985 by municipalities throughout florida


Advantages of Installing the Tedder Boat Ramp System

  • No coffer damming required No de-watering required
  • No damage occurs to ramp by power-loading
  • Ready for use within 5-7 days(average time spent)
  • No damage due to heavy equipment use
  • Signed and sealed drawings provided with every installed system, eliminating costly engineering design that may not be suitable for area
  • Ideal for areas with heavy boat traffic
  • 6000 psi concrete and epoxy coated rebar prohibit corrosive intrusion
  • No expensive, continuous maintenance required
  • Unmatched 5 year warranty provided with each system  (We never had to use it.)
  • First system installed in 1985 with no expensive maintenance to date
  • The most consistently used "pre-stress" Boat Ramp system in the State of Florida to date


We warrant our Boat Ramps for 5 years for Carmel, Indiana owners - but even our first Tedder Boat Ramp System, built in 1985, is still working!